‚The L Keyword: Generation Q:‘ An Ode To Alice Pieszecki

Of all figures on “
The L Word
“ (both
the original
the reboot
), I usually loved


with a visceral fervor. I’m not getting dramatic whenever I say I love the girl like she is my family. Or even more powerful, i really like this lady like she is my personal


family members.

(L-R): Jennifer Beals as Bette Porter, Leisha Hailey as Alice Pieszeckie, and Katherine Moennig as Shane McCutcheon inside the L KEYWORD: GENERATION Q, „Why don’t we exercise Again“. Pic Credit: Hilary B Gayle/SHOWTIME.

When “
The L Term
“ first came tumbling into our everyday life sixteen years back (

holy shit

, it has been sixteen decades that i have recognized these characters? No surprise I dream of all of them like they are real *real* folks in living. They’ve been taking up room contained in this
lesbian mind
since I had been a
closeted teen!
), we ~instantly~ attached to Alice, because Alice was actually just…well…real.

In the initial rendition of „The L term,“ Alice put her foot inside her lips. Constantly. She recklessly fell in love with the woman
, an agonizing rite of passage every
in the sunshine goes through at some stage in their own queer coming old. She had her
center smashed
into so many small pieces whenever her closest friend understood she was not deeply in love with their right back — perhaps not *that* way, about. She acted like a loon when her companion would arrive twirling into


regional coffeeshop canoodling and clutching hands along with her brand new woman (If you haven’t produced an asshat out your self whilst under the influence of heartbreak, i’ve nothing to state to you personally). She easily


during yoga (we as soon as sobbed very loudly during Shavasana that I happened to be lightly asked to leave the business). She self-medicated by tossing by herself in to the numbness of a booze and worthless intercourse bender after Dana tragically died. Alice grieved the loss of Dana like a proper, raw person. And actual, raw human beings never actually ever grieve gracefully.

Alice shamelessly loved

the world

, the


, the


, the


like most of us covertly carry out, no matter how cool or woke we pretend is. She never ever tried to end up being


Cool is a directly jacket, and Alice moved easily.

Alice’s companion Shane, also produced around with

her mother.

(My mother would totally write out with Shane).

She had been constantly Alice — amusing, truthful, gorgeously-vulnerable Alice, irrespective of where she was.

Yet for every of Alice’s tough eccentricity and charm and beautiful quirk, Alice always had this crazy integrity about the lady. If she thought an inkling of a sense for an individual while she was at a special relationship, she cannot assist but admit. She hated (like


whenever lovers she liked duped on one another. She never lied. She was actually a true activist. A
. It doesn’t matter the scenario.

Which was the



And new Alice?

A similar.

Yes, Alice is famous today. She is (rightfully) scored her


chat program and she’s assistants who dutifully deliver her coffee-and she wears high priced, obscure-looking trend backpacks and canary-colored shirts and it has classy journalists through the LA Times adhere her around all day long.

But Alice, despite the notoriety along with her own badass team, remains the same specific girl we-all watched ourselves in ten years and alter in the past. She sticks up for
when confronted with Bette’s governmental scandal on her talk tv series, despite pressure from the circle as much more „palatable.“ So when she finds out that Bette wasn’t being fully clear relating to her indiscretions, she’s gutted. She’s betrayed. While Alice works in one of the many intense companies to occur (Hollywood) possesses viewed some crazy shit swirl before the woman sight, she’sn’t jaded. She continues to have the large expectations that some might dispute are very idealistic or unrealistically innocent. But the woman rigorous moral rule isn’t really grounded on naivety; its grounded on rely on. If you’re Alice’s pal she wants you to definitely tell the girl reality. She needs you to definitely follow your own word. She feels angry and psychologically socked for the tummy from the simple fact that a friend she is had for more than 2 full decades jeopardized not simply the ethics she’s constructed with the viewers she’s developed throughout the years, but seemed her deep in her own trusting vision and lied to her.

And the woman isn’t browsing bullshit Bette (or anybody) about their morally broke conduct possibly and imagine crap is ok whenever shit isn’t fine.

Which Is Alice. She lets you know how precisely how she feels. The woman isn’t passive-aggressive. She actually is difficult, despite the woman gothic bob and brightly colored clothing and extra-large, ultra-adorable large sunglasses. I’dn’t fuck with her. Merely a fool would bang with

Alice Pieszecki.

That’sn’t to declare that Alice is perfect. Element of why is Alice so goddamn likable would be that she is perhaps not great, at all. She doesn’t play the role of. She asks the folks around her for guidance endlessly, because like every actual person, she actually is uncertain of what to do and craves validation and opinions through the folks she loves. Even though she ends up choosing her instinct, she nevertheless requires and suffers and self-doubts, making their far more interesting and nuanced than someone who is so self-confident they don’t really require assistance from any individual. She takes trend threats that sometimes rise and sometimes do not succeed


She’s trying this lady damn far better be this Insta-mom figure to her girl’s kids, and a lot more typically than maybe not she’s satisfied with an angsty brow raise and also the typical-yet-hurtful „you’re not

my personal mommy

“ tween snark.

Alice is *definitely*

maybe not

perfect, because this lady has a threesome together with her girl Nat along with her girlfriend’s ex-wife Gigi! (offers anyone else noticed that the previous couple is known as Gigi and Nat, like previous
GO Cover Couple
and newlyweds Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty?). A person with half a mind understands it really is a terrible concept to incorporate a vintage ex into an innovative new connection picture. Alice undoubtedly knows, available can inform deep-down inside she knows its a bad idea — another thing I love about Alice. Her feelings are often clear, and she allows concern and embarrassment to shamelessly dancing across the woman face. But Alice goes through with the threesome in any event, due to the fact thruple is


. Because sometimes, doing things that can likely damage later on can be so really worth the run as well as the thrill and
mind-blowing orgasm
(!) which comes hand in hand with selecting the libido over your intellect.

These are Alice’s commitment, is actually someone else irrepressibly obsessed with Nat? It really is very telling of Alice become matchmaking this amusing, adorably nerdy, high-strung lady who isn’t remotely popular or swaggy or absurdly LA magnificent. Because while Alice *loves* the news and sparkle — at the woman center, she actually is not impressed by sparkly illusions. (Amused maybe, not impressed.) She sees through some people’s bullshit and is also capable zero in on who they really are within their a lot of stripped-down state. And inform that Nat is actually a *good* person. And Alice, as a lady forever holding a moral compass for the pocket of the woman jumpsuit, is actually attracted to *good* individuals.


She dabbled together with the snakey Gabby Deveaux back in the bloom of her unaware childhood, but afterwards brief shit-show, the woman dating track record is pretty clean. She went after the madly authentic and sweetly stressed Dana in addition to extremely reputable and honorable Tasha. I do believe Alice’s power to see individuals for who they are and exactly how she will not get lured in because of the bullshit of swag and product sales make

the woman

the quintessential intimidating figure to actually grace the Sapphic display of our own preferred tv show. If I came across Alice and she failed to naturally just like me, I would personally know it might possibly be because I found myself filled with shit in some way.

But Alice does not make an effort to not like folks.

Alice roots for individuals, specifically different females. She roots for her youthful personnel and is never endangered by their fresh tactics. She roots for her youthful, queer audience by inquiring complicated questions to Bette’s privileged male adversary, even after being advised to not ever by the insufferable mansplaining boy expert to the woman program. She’s constantly the first to ever arrive at a friend’s art orifice or birthday celebration. She’s as tough as a shot of whiskey and also as a cozy as an oversized cashmere sweater all at once, making you should end up being the woman closest friend.

In fact, Alice could be the supreme best friend: dedicated, sincere, fun, and unafraid to share with you that you are behaving like a colossal arsehole.

Whenever Alice walks across a-room casually in a scene, she does thus within this particular


method. Even though she’s from inside the back ground, you can see Alice’s tires turning in her head and achieving Alice ideas (which will be really just a massive shout-out to
Leisha Hailey
for offering united states ALICE continuously, irrespective of her character in confirmed scene).

I would personally dare to state Alice will be the center of „The L term.“ Alice is actually all of our respected narrator. Even when she actually is heartbroken or depressed or careless drunk, Alice in some way is able to always keep it


She talks about her fellow characters with a clear, non-biased frame of mind. She says what the rest of us are thinking.

We watch „The L Word“ through the eyes of


. Which is why anyone i have actually talked to who enjoys „The L keyword,“ feels this strong, family-like connection to Alice.

That I guess causes us to be a part of her and her part of us? I am not sure. All i understand is the fact that when Alice is just about, i will feel myself personally exhale, ‚cause no one will get away with crap whenever Alice is approximately. Therefore There isn’t to carry anyone responsible. That’s

the woman

work. I will relax and watch my personal show, hottie.